Antique and Vintage Desks

Antique and Vintage Desks

If you choose collecting antique silver as your main antique interest, you should make sure you know the general history and the historical periods associated with collectable silver. Silver is a precious metal. Silver products are usually made from an alloy of pure silver and a small proportion of a base metal such as copper to improve strength and durability. The proportion of pure silver varies according to standards set by different countries, such as the Britannia Standard, the sterling silver standard and the various countries assay marks, which are also known as silver hallmarks. Ever since silver was discovered it has been fashioned into highly decorative objects and personal objects of great beauty, and these can be of prime interest to the silver collector. Silver has been classed as a precious metal for a very long time and today it is probably cheaper in real terms than it has ever been. Antique Silver is a recycleable material and the prices paid for scrap metals in the modern world varies enormously on a day to day basis. Today there are stories of antique dealers selling rare and precious antique silver objects for their scrap weight value, as often the scrap value is currently bringing in more than selling the item as an antique piece. The Creation of Antique Silver Hallmarks.

Collecting Antique Silver

The use of marble fireplaces which appear to have been removed from Italian buildings as well as the coffered ceilings and handsomely paneled formal rooms reflect the influence of Stanford White on both architects. The design of the symmetrical gardens on an axis with the villa was the work of the Rochester firm of Pitkin and Weinrichter and shows a close collaboration between the architects and landscape designers.

In the monks added the South wing as a chapel and classrooms and the north wing as a dormitory and dining room. The Renovation Years — In and two brothers, developer and builder, Norbert Schickel and artist designer, William Schickel founded Geneva On The Lake and completely renovated the property. Geneva on the Lake opened to guests on Thanksgiving Day as an elegant small resort, a place of hospitality.

There were two major aims in the conception of the renovation.

History. Named in honor of Col. Thomas Gardner, the community was first settled in and officially incorporated as a town in after receiving land grants from the surrounding towns of Ashburnham, Westminster, Templeton and Winchendon.: 2 Dating from about , it became a center for lumber and furniture industries. Gardner is known as the “Chair City” and “The Furniture Capital of New.

To purchase a product, please call or email dshay aol. At 21 he returned to NY and began his highly successful career as a magazine illustrator. Notice the mischevious expression on the lovely ladies face, while looking into a mirror, hence, “Double Trouble”. A color copy of that magazine cover will accompany the piece. A very rare and important piece of vintage American art. Measures 11″ x 3″ and is very heavy brass.

Properly signed Bradley and Hubbard with a great Indian chief head in feathered head dress.

Identifying Furniture Marks

Over the years they have realized this dream by seeking out the best in the products they represent and in the quality of the design services they offer. Along the way they have seen their business grow from a small shop showcasing fine bench-made colonial reproductions to a multi-location business, in both Bucks and Lehigh Counties, representing a broad range of design styles from classic to contemporary. At a very early age he and his older brother Harry learned the time honored methods of upholstering fine furniture.

They learned how to tailor and flow-match the most intricate fabric patterns. From this last part of his experience apprenticing with his father, Paul developed a fascination for fine wood case pieces as great as his love for upholstery.

Mar 08,  · From its debut at the World’s Fair in Paris until the completion of the Chrysler Building in , Gustave Eiffel’s wrought-iron marvel represented the peak of human engineering.

Yet, despite the demise of Crawford and other case goods producers, the industry still has some stalwarts in a region that was once the bedrock of furniture production in the U. Stickley and Bush Inds. High-end case goods and upholstery producer Stickley employs more than 1, workers at its Manlius, N. Audi said she was disappointed to hear the news about Crawford, but said that in today’s economy such a development is not unexpected.

We have taken this opportunity to broaden our product line and strengthen our team. Greg Harden, president and CEO, attributed the decline largely to attrition among the company’s dealers. While Harden believes that overseas manufacturers face challenges with rising fuel, materials and labor costs, overseas labor costs remain far less than the typical U.

That challenges Harden to find other ways to hold down production costs. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, furniture manufacturing employment in New York declined from 22, in January to just under 13, last December. In the same period, the number of furniture producers in the state shrank from 1, to 1, , the BLS said.

Bad Wood Finishes

Saturday’s session, beginning at noon, will open with early th-century furniture and designs, including three dozen pieces with various Stickley labels, according to descriptions, including presale estimates, in the color-illustrated auction catalog, also accessible online at www. Also offered are an L. All are in the distinctive mission oak arts-and-crafts style, with joinery that excludes nails that has characterized Stickley since its beginnings around

Resource No. 4 Elmira Stoveworks. Whether you’re looking for the warmth and elegance of the nineteenth century, or the fun, funky look of the “Fab Fifties”, Elmira has vintage-styled appliances to suit your tastes, décor and cooking style.

About You are here: Home Does furniture make the room, or do people and time? At Hitchcock, we would say all of the above. In fact, each of our collections spins a story that began with a man named Lambert Hitchcock. It was during the ‘s, a time when sawmills buzzed in Connecticut river towns. A woodworker by trade, Hitchcock set out to build furniture of great character and beauty much like the clockwork of his time.

His business eye settled on maple, oak and cherry, wood plentiful enough in the rugged countryside to be affordable. On the way to his goal, he built a flourishing Connecticut company in a town now known as Riverton.

Antique Dining Room Sets

The loss of color most commonly due to exposure to sunlight UV. Fake A fake is a copy of a legitimate item that is made to deceive the buyer. Many times the fake will show original marks, making it more difficult to authenticate a piece.

Bargain John’s Antiques carries a wide variety of quality American Antique items dating from the to time period. Enjoy a blended view with the ‘Browse All Inventory’ link.

In some cases, the company has available multiple examples of the same model, for example available now are three eight-leg Gustav Stickley desks model number dating from , , and Owning most of the Real Period Stickley furniture available on the market today, Joenevo deals with only the highest quality, authentic and original pieces produced during the Arts and Crafts real period furniture from the early s.

The company’s experts carefully evaluate every piece of furniture for authenticity, quality and workmanship before making any purchase. Once on-hand, every item is carefully evaluated and cleaned in preparation for sale. When purchasing from Joenevo, every customer is assured of receiving an authentic piece of antique mission furniture in exceptional condition. A highly experienced company in mission period furniture as well as top quality Persian and European rugs, Joenevo has over 5, pieces of antique mission stickley furniture and all items from the Arts and Crafts era including furniture produced by well-known artisans such as Gustav Stickley, Roycroft, C.

For decades the company has been offering antique rugs made in Europe, the Orient, and Persia dating back to the s. Also available is a broad selection of top quality metal-ware and art pottery from collectible factories across the United States. When you purchase from Joenevo the company take the time and effort to troubleshoot any problems. This results in antique furniture that can be placed directly in your home trouble free.

All repairs and restoration work is done with the finest material and with the finest materials and craftsmanship. To learn more about Joenevo or view its extensive selection of hand selected mission furniture or Persian and European rugs, please visit http:

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Guide to Mission Style Furniture There are many types of markings including handwritten signatures , but there are generally four different groups who marked their furniture: The cabinetmaker with a shop often used paper labels or even metal tags with the shop name. These can be difficult to see, since the maker may have hidden them away from the finished surfaces. One snowshoe chair had the tag tucked under the chair’s bentwood arm.

Tiffany # 18, Here is a very rare and beautiful TIFFANY lamp.. Correct in all ways. The glass is really outstanding. I have tried to show how the color graduates from a little darker at the top and changes toward the bottom.

During the s, Stickley divided his efforts between his new enterprise and, with his brother Leopold, served as a foreman of furniture operations at the Auburn State Prison. In he orchestrated the removal of his business partner and formed the Gustave Stickley Company he dropped the use of the “e” in Warner soon his first staff designer to create his first Arts and Crafts works in an experimental line called the New Furniture.

In he changed the name of his firm to the United Crafts, issued a new catalogue written by Syracuse University professor Irene Sargent , and began to offer middle class consumers a host of progressive furniture designs in ammonia-fumed quartersawn white oak, as well as other mostly native woods. In October , Stickley published the first issue of The Craftsman magazine, an important vehicle for promoting Arts and Crafts philosophy as well as the products of his factory within the context of articles, reviews, and advertisements for a range of products of interest to the homemaker.

Nearly all of its first three issues were written by Sargent, who thereafter usually wrote each issue’s lead article as well as acting as managing editor and designing the magazine’s layouts. Stickley’s new furniture reflected his ideals of simplicity, honesty in construction, and truth to materials. Unadorned, plain surfaces were enlivened by the careful application of colorants so as not to obscure the grain of the wood and mortise and tenon joinery was exposed to emphasize the structural qualities of the works.

Hammered metal hardware, in armor-bright polished iron or patinated copper emphasized the handmade qualities of furniture which was fabricated using both handworking techniques and modern woodworking machinery within Stickley’s Eastwood, New York, factory now a part of Syracuse, New York. Dyed leather, canvas, terry cloth and other upholstery materials complemented the designs.

Dating vintage stanley tools

And also see William Klenke’s article on “the saw that cuts from the top”. The s was a time of both frustration and transition in Industrial Arts, particularily woodworking. Although initially presented as entirely Stickley’s work, it is in fact anonymously drawn by Louise Shrimpton. The firm may have derived some income from “Home Training” by selling Craftsman wood finishes and Craftsman hardware to amateur cabinetmakers.

There is perhaps another benefit: Craftsman readers who had made a few pieces of “starter” Stickley might in time be induced to buy the actual product.

HOME FURNITURE STORE Ennis Fine Furniture has been providing only the highest-quality furniture and design services since We are Idaho’s premier furniture showroom and have the highest quality and stylish furnishing and décor selections for your home bedroom, office, kitchen, dining room, family room, outdoor space, and more.

Company opens factory and wareroom in London, England, to supply the European market. Factory is converted to wartime production during WWI. Company closes; Carl Forslund Co. All came from a furniture manufacturing background, and had worked together in an earlier company also named Stickley Brothers Furniture Co. Brothers Gustav and Leopold opened their own company, United Crafts, in Gustav eventually opened Craftsman Workshops, and became one of the leading proponents of the Arts and Crafts Movement in America.

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October 22, 4: And although it had many features in common with the earlier British Arts and Crafts designs, Mission Style also blended elements of traditional Spanish colonial architecture and furnishings, as well as Native American patterns from pottery, traditional basket weaving and woven rug designs and colors. In fact, as Mission furniture became more popular, so did the collecting of Southwestern artifacts. In southern California, two brothers, Charles and Henry Greene were two well-known and important architects The use of this term reflects the influence of traditional furnishings and interiors from the American Southwest, which had many features in common with the earlier British Arts and Crafts forms.

Charles and Henry Greene were important Mission style architects working in California. Southwestern style also incorporated Hispanic elements associated with the early Mission and Spanish architecture, and Native American design.

Nov 18,  · The rich beauty and craftsmanship of leather objects dating from is captured here in beautiful color photos. These items include fine leather accessories, such as billfolds, blotters, bookends boxes, cigar cases, document cases, glove cases, mats napkin rings, paperweights, purses, and wastebaskets.

As I find them, I’ll add them to this list. House Plans – collection of 6 antique house plan catalogs ranging from to CalTiles – sort of a funky looking site, but it includes archived photos of vintage California tile and other vintage tiles from various arts and crafts tile makers from early s. Daily Bungalow’s photostream – a large collection of scanned early articles, catalogs, etc. Read “The Craftsman Magazine” online FE Kidder’s Architecture book – some good information about what materials were available and in use in May diagrams are missing, but there is still some good stuff at the website.

Garden Web Home Forums – one of the largest forums of home-related topics on the Internet. Whether you’re a home buyer, an antique collector, or a renovator, here you will find like-minded people and friendly discussions.


Please update your billing information in My WorthPoint to reactivate your account! No comments This metal emblem was used by members of the Grand Rapids Furniture Makers Guild, beginning in , to certify each individual piece of furniture by number as having been made by a Guild member. Furniture making in America in the 19th century ranged from the small shop, like that of Duncan Phyfe in downtown New York at the turn of the century, to the huge factories of Grand Rapids and Buffalo at the turn of the next century.

Phyfe was one of the rare early century cabinetmakers who actually used paper labels and tags to identify some of his work. In fact, some items can be dated by the address on the label since his shops constantly expanded and the streets were renamed. Beginning around mid-century, the advent of the factory system meant most furniture was made in a commercial facility under the auspices of a company name and very few individual craftsmen labeled their product.

Apr 24,  · The problems seem to be escalating quickly over the last few weeks, as Steve becomes more and more frustrated with Jean and oversteps boundaries (dictating the work of staff he doesn’t manage, rearranging others’ furniture and office supplies non-stop, and continuing to accept objects without letting anyone else know).

But what typically happens with wood is people think it all has to match, so once they have some wood pieces in a certain finish, they keep buying that same finish again and again, making the problem much worse, not better. There are a few wood finishes to avoid as much as possible. Bad Wood Culprit 1: We have all seen it, and most of us have probably owned a piece in the past or, GASP own a piece right now. It is readily available at most mass market furniture manufacturers, which makes it a prime target for us american consumers.

Because of its pervasiveness we often aquiesce to it and end up buying it out of sheer availability and convenience.

Gary Stover Presents Stickley Mission Oak Furniture

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